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O estrago foi maior do que se imaginava. Por esta razão, a Universidade do Planalto Catarinense, preocupada com as instalações e a questão de saúde e segurança dos acadêmicos, houve por bem adiar o retorno das aulas e demais atividades acadêmicas que aconteceria nesta terça-feira (21), para a quinta, dia 23 de outubro.

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Vermont Mill Properties in Bennington is one of rich histories, and even richer futures. Since reopening its doors in the year 2000 thanks to successful Entrepreneur and local business man Jon E. Goodrich, the mill has housed over 51 tenants that employ over 500 people.

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In the past secure content was usually required just for when personal information, such as during a purchase, was being transmitted but this latest from Google – where a ranking bonus will be granted to secure (encrypted) content will only help in the long run. though it does mean that SSL certificates will need to be added to non commerce sites.