2017 Pacifica Glockner Automotive

Google on Tuesday confirmed what a couple of recent reports revealed: it’s taking its self-driving cars project to the next level. Google isn’t manufacturing brand new vehicles on its own. Instead, the company partnered with Fiat Chrysler, which committed to making 100 2017 Pacifica minivans equipped with self-driving technology.

Teaching A Busness Communication Course Highlights

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Business Writing Instruction Highlights

don't fear biz Last week, Guernica published an interview with art critic Ben Davis, which begins with Davis questioning the premise that “the central tension of the art empire is that between creativity and money.” Davis says there can obviously be tension between what sells and what an artist wants to express, but he argues that money also funds innovative creative work. “If things were as simple as the equation ‘success = corruption,’” he states, “then you wouldn’t need [art] criticism.”

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