Mitos Sobre Alimentos

¿Hay que beber un vaso de agua por cada bebida con cafeína que bebemos? ¿Son los “alimentos blancos” como las cebollas menos nutritivos que el brécol? ¿Es el chocolate negro muy rico en antioxidantes? Sigue leyendo para saber la verdad acerca de estos siete mitos de la nutrición.

Looking For Information On How To Supplement With Iodine

Seafood is a good source because the oceans are rich in iodine. Often bread and bakery products are prepared with iodized salt. Even sausage and meat products may contain iodized salt. On packaged food, depending on the country, the iodine content is declared. You can find the appropriate reference in the ingredients list. When it comes to non-packaged food, your baker or butcher can provide information. To ensure sufficient uptake for babies in the weaning period, the iodine content of homemade or commercial complementary formula/foods should be considered.8

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