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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Phone calls are being made nationwide, and they’re the kind of calls no parent ever wants to get. On the other line is someone who says the child is in danger — but FOX6’s Contact 6 says it’s all a scam!

A week ago, Dr. Mark Hyman received a phone call at work he never thought he’d get.

“The phone call comes in that it’s a colleague that wants to speak to you and then all of a sudden you get broadsided by this screaming voice,” Dr. Hyman said.

Dr. Hyman has two daughters — so imagine his horror when he heard this on the other line:

“I hear a young girl scream and they yell ‘Daddy they have me’ and then a very deep male voice comes on the phone saying ‘listen to me carefully — I have your daughter,'” Dr. Hyman said.

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