Andy and David- Choob Chirp 4.7.18

Andy and David- Choob Chirp 4.7.18


12 months
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Sovs and soul-diers, lets chirp

X 9 Days to go.
X 30 attending so far.

Spl's Annual Conference July 2018

Location: Oxford private field Date 14th & 15th July Arrival Friday Pm- leave Monday Am

See merchandise page for bookings :-

This is the main artist booked for your entertainment, and is confirmed

Breeze performing the Prince hit Purple Rain live in the Summer of 2017.

The mighty Hogg Show:-

Thomas/Lewis and David/Andy, are the hosts of this event,
it is hosted and held, on Lewis's farm land - we now have full liability insurance, site safety will be shown and given to you upon arrival.

If you want to setup a stall or market outlet you can, we will not charge you for this, entrance will be permitted on your standard ticket, obtained via the links on this page, tickets here: -

Our annual conference is open to all wares, stall holders and market outlets, to come along and set up - we are not charging you for this, we will ask for a percentage of the profits to be donated to the trust.

Well brothers and sisters, if you do not already know, via my Youtube video updates!!
we have a private field in Ox-Ford to use, for our first ever private Spl's Annual Conference at a farm in Oxford.
We are, and it is a it a family friendly common-unity, feeling and good vibrations .

it will be over a two days, Sat/Sun 14th -15 th July -you may all arrive from Friday midday, and leave by Monday Am midday.

There will be all the amenities that you expect and require, a full professional campsite, with water/electrics and security
You will have access to fresh hot food/drinks, via mobile onsite outlets serving your every need - at rock bottom prices - no need to bring the kitchen - BBQ's Inc Vegetarian

To allow time for you to park and setup camp's.

This is going to be a fun and relaxed private event. and it is only open to our members, not the GENERAL public!!
The Trust and trustee's will provide all the food and entertainment, we can hold talks and chats by day, and dance/relax by night -
David will bring his Technics Mk5's and old skool vinyl’s. 80's on wards.

We are intent on holding health, healing and zero point/free energy stalls, in addition to law and social talks comparisons, if you are interested in holding a stall, or can offer any help or equipment, please contact us with the buttons on our pages
Musicians, artists and other holistic healing gurus please contact our team via the Common-Unity page we have -

The booking fee/admin cover/insurance for the event is £25 - TBC Per Adult, off-spring are free.

A family affair and a major point in the re-evolution of man and his morphogenic magnetic energy fields of higher consciousness, the golden age of purity has arrived, welcome and thank you - namaste.

Peace love and Barry White !



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