Loveland Titans Football $25 Sports Physicals

We would like to thank all of our Kickstarter founding contributors as well as everybody that helped lend a hand to be a part of this endeavor.

Mason Lee
Matthew Goard
Mclane Goard
Global Development Solutions, LLC
Yasuo and Kelly Konishi
John Reinhardt
Mahesh Rengaswamy
Watt Hamlett
Kirby Yarbrough and Karen Hale
Dave J.
Edward and Shannan Salas
w lo
The Cordyack Family
Rick and Eve Thompson
Kelly Geer
Dave Quiroz
Maggie and Ivan Terry
Heather and Dave Safford
Mike Morand
Rainy Lyons Barsella
Adam Claus
Niall and Juanita Kennedy
Stephen Smith-Cobbs
Glenn Boysko
Doug Keating
The Blum Family
Ted Terrenoire
Phil and Lynn Lilienthal
J. Burke
Joe and Helen
Harry and Jennifer Stewart
Blake and Dave Kohn
Ruwan and Cici Arseculeratne
David Doupe
Mike Stempinski
Jennifer Shay
Rick Hanser
Anne & John Moriarty
Bob Fentress
The LaCaria Family
Elaine Mattair
James and Elise Perry
Richell Slepetz & James McDonald
Fred Dews
Dan Mascenik
Timothy M. Hudenburg
Kenyon Thayer, A1405
Greg Reynolds
Eric Reynolds
Mark Waddell
Dan and Christine Darby
Agnes Powers
The Feldman Family
Brian Pittack
Larry and Nongkran Daks
Michelle Vigen
Joe and Judy Babarsky
Serge and Anya Yudkovsky
Nick Diffenbaugh
Kristen Soller
Bohdan and Erica
Mark Martel
Yakubisin Family
Lauren Novak
Kathlin Pearson
Steve Strackbein
Dave Soller
Jack Banks
Nick Webb
Kerry Frey

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Video here: Loveland Titans Football $25 Sports Physicals