Hayes Aero Aircraft Service

Aircraft Model Installed Systems
Alphabetical by Model(partial list)

Rite Angle systems have been installed in a large variety of aircraft, in nearly every corner of the globe. From home-builts to production aircraft, you can find an aircraft owner pleased with the installation and more pleased with the new found safety and peace of mind.

Aircraft Model/Common NameKit  // Manufacturer/Make

Air Cam // Lockwood
Alantica // Winco
BD-4 // Bede Aircraft
BD-5 jet // BD-Micro Technologies
BD-5 recip // BD-Micro Technologies

BD-5 turboprop // BD-Micro Technologies

BK-4 aka MiniCab // Miranda
Breezy A/C // Spruce for kits

C-185 foreign registered // Cessna certified aircraft

C-421 STC // Cessna US Certified aircraft
Capella XLS // Flightworks
Catalina  // Avid
Challenger U/L // Quad City Ultralights
Delta // Dyke Aircraft Co
Dragonfly MK II // Viking Aircraft
Drifter // Maxair
Duce // Baeking
Emeraude // Piel
Cirrus // VK-30 pistn & Turboprop
Compaire 7 Turboprop // Compaire
Europa Classic (Monogear & Tri-Gear) // Europa
Fire Boss Air Tanker Amphibian // Wipaire

Firestar // Kolb
Flitestar // Flightstar
Flyer // Avid
Genesis // Slipstream
Glasair // Stoddard-Hamilton
Glasair IIs // New Glasair
Glass Goose // Quikkit
Glastar // New Glastar
Hawk // CGS Aviation
Helio Stallion Turboprop STC // Helio certified aircraft
Hurricane U/L // Hurricane Company
Hyperbipe four place                                              Sorrell Aircraft
Hyperlite 1 & 2 place                                               Sorrell Aircraft
Kitfox most models                                                 SkyStar/Kitfox
KR-1, KR-2                                                                   Rand Robinson
Lancair 235, 360, Legacy, ES, IV,                       Lancair
Lancair IV-P, IV-P-Turboprop                             Lancair
Mini-Max                                                                      Team Aircraft
Mitchell Wing                                                              Higher Planes
Murphy Rebel                                                              Murphy
Murphy SR 2500                                                        Murphy
Mustang II                                                                    Bushby
Opus 3                                                                             Original design from Norway
Osprey amphibian                                                      Osprey Aircraft
Pawnee                                                                           Piper (restricted~sprayplane)
Pazmany PL-4                                                              Pazmany Aircraft
Phantom                                                                        Phantom
Pilatus PC-6 foreign registered                             Pilatus
Pou du Ciel                                                                    Falconar Avia
Prescott Pusher                                                           Prescott
Pulsar II                                                                         Aero Designs
Quickie 200                                                                  Quickie Aircraft
Quicksilver                                                                   Quicksilver Entereprises
S-5, S-6, S-7                                                                   Rans Aircraft
Sandpiper                                                                      Sandpiper Aircraft
SeaRey Amphibian                                                     Progressive Aerodyne
SeaWind Recip & turboprop                                  NSA Seawind~Amphibian
Sherpa                                                                            Sherpa Worldwide
Sonex                                                                               Sonex Aircraft
Sparrow Hawk                                                             Carlson Aircraft
Spitfire                                                                            LSA replica
Sting, Sting R/G                                                           SportairUSA (TL Industries)
Stolp Acroduster, Starduster II                            Stolp
Storch Lite Sport Replica                                        Slepcev Aviation
Storch Lite Sport Replica                                        Criquet LSA
Tailwind                                                                         Whittman
Talon                                                                               Sport Flight Aviation
Technam P-92 & P-96                                               Technam
Thrope T-18 & T-211                                                  Thorpe Industries
Thunder Gull                                                               Earthstar Aircraft
Vans RV-4, 6, 7, 8, 9,& 10                                        Vans Aircraft
Velocity FG, RG, most models                               Velocity
Veri-Viggen, VeriEze, Long Eze                            Ruttan
VK 30, recip & turboprop                                        Cirrus
Volksplane VP-1                                                           Evans Aircraft
Wag-Aero 2+2                                                              Wag Aero
Yak 50                                                                              Yak
601, 601 HDS, 701, 801                                              Zenith Aircraft
Zephyr 122                                                                     ATEC

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