How To To Live In Spain

Moving to SpainA month and a half into moving to Spain and falling in love with Madrid, I’ve lived and learned a lot about the process of how to move to a new country. I’ve been getting emails and messages asking a lot of similar questions so I’ve decided to share a few things I’ve learned so far. 

First up, MONEY.

I know, I know it’s impolite to discuss finances but I’m not one to shy away from controversial topics. 😉 My number one tip would probably be to save up more money than you think you will need before you come to Spain – especially if you are coming from America. The almighty dollar isn’t exactly mighty over here lately so if you are from the good ole USA, expect your money to be worth about 2/3 what it is back home. This won’t be as big a deal once you start earning Euros but until then you still gotta eat… and drink obviously.

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Video here: How To To Live In Spain