How To Potty Train Your Jack Russell Puppy

Jack Russell Terriers are a highly spirited, fearless, devoted, and loving dog.  Usually Jack Russell’s are friendly and generally get on well with children.Children should be taught not to tease the dog.  They are highly intelligent. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

It is of the utmost importance that you become number 1 in the jack Russell’s eyes this is achievable through obedience training. He needs to be given rules to follow, and have a structure to live within.

Do not let him adopt the Small Dog Syndrome this is when through incorrect training and leadership he begins to believe he is pack leader and not you. This will lead to differing degrees of behaviour problems. These will include guarding, snapping, separation anxiety, and obsessive barking. When not shown leadership, they can be difficult to train. They need a firm, fair, patient experienced trainer. Jacks who have been allowed to believe they are in charge will be aggressive with other dogs.

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