Build Websites accordingly to the New Google Panda Algorithm

The Advent of Google Panda has shaken the way people saw websites earlier. In an attempt to better their search quality and user experience, Google introduced the Google Panda Update which has shifted the focus of web designers and developers from junk keyword stuffing to a more user sensitive and intelligible content.

In this scenario, the whole traditional approach towards custom website design and development has gone for a toss. The need of the hour is a new methodology that is appealing to the users. Put simply, the bottom line is, everything on a website must make sense. That is the only way search engines are going to find and rank you, and therefore the only way people will be able to reach your website.

Following are a few key points that people tend to ignore while building a website. These tips, if followed properly, are certain to increase your page rank and make your website more search engine friendly.

Back to Basics: Spelling and Grammar

Yes, as primitive as it may sound, people hugely take grammar and spelling mistakes for granted. Well, it’s time to get more cautious. Google Panda pays attention to the quality of the content. Spelling well, will take your website a long way. Not only will the search engine respond better to your website, other visitors too will find your website more elegant and your company more reliable.

Do not forget to proofread your content before you upload it because a silly mistake can hurt your image in a big way. Be patient, read thoroughly, assign professionals, and watch your website zip past many on its way to the top in the search lists.

The Old Adage: Content is King

More often than not, the content of a website plays a “make or break” kind of a role. The content is so important that it can actually convert visitors to customers. Even though people are fully aware of the power of content, it is still neglected.

Google has always been fond of good quality content. However, now, more so. It is a very simple notion. Write original content and Google will appreciate your ingenuity. Don’t ride the same boat. Create fresh, enthusiastic and engaging content. You do this, and Panda will make sure you are rewarded!

Don’t Flood Ads

This is the most natural suggestion that we are making. Please consider yourself as the visitor before picking up all the ads that you are planning to. Would you enjoy being troubled by irrelevant ads? Does your customer really need all that distraction? If you were visiting this website, would you be convinced of their credibility?

See, everybody wants to make money. That’s alright. But the question to ask is are we prepared to bargain our company brand or credibility for the advertisements? No. I thought so. So be patient with the advertisements. Keep only as many, as suit your web page and more importantly that are relevant and not distracting in nature.

Copy Cat, that’s really bad!

Now, nobody likes the same content being displayed on multiple pages. No matter how similar the topic is and no matter how creative that content is. After one reading, it’s as good as redundant. You really don’t have to bedazzle your content all the time. Keep it simple, but keep it original.

Every page deserves its own unique content. If you can’t create original content, consider foregoing the page altogether by merging it with another one. Not only should your content be different from other sites, it should be definitely different in each of your pages as well.


Considering all of this, if you are a genuine business owner, making a visitor oriented website, there’s no need to worry about Google Panda. However, while making your website, do keep the above mentioned points in mind.

Guest Post Author :- Bryan is a bespoke web designers in London at Viteb providing clean, professional and good looking web design & web development in London which deal with the latest web standards. Being as a web designer he has also written many articles on web design tips and guides.