Dirt Bike Grips

The best Bike Mechanics in Breckenridge.  Rest-easy knowing that Breckenridge have some of the most competent Bike Repair Professionals in the country. Whether you need to purchase some DIY repair gear for the trail or you take a major digger on your ride that resulted in some damage … we got you covered.  Trustworthy, Reliable and Solid.

We are proud to take care of all your rental bike needs.We have a huge selection of NEW rental bikes from Specialized for the whole family. Whether you are looking for a cruisy bike ride down Vail pass with the family or an Extreme mountain bike experience, we have a ride for everyone.

I’m having a hard time pushing my shift lever. What’s the hang-up? 
Believe it or not, the problem could be a result of you hydrating, and the solution as simple as soap and water. Over time, you may have unwittingly spilled sticky energy drink on your bike and gunked up the works. Give your frame a good washing, especially around the bottom-bracket area, then use a light chain lube on the cable guide under the BB shell. If this fix does work …

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