Corns Collision Center Services Cameron Texas

Had to give this a go – I liked this prompt Paschal.  It wrote itself.

She was radiant as she came through the door.  She was finally going to leave him.  Things had been good at the start, but they changed over time and lately she didn’t know what to make of it.  He scared her a little bit.  He was always nice.  Treated her with respect.  He was patient and he seemed happy.  At least he smiled all the time.  Trouble was, the smile never moved up to his eyes.  He was too controlled and she had known for some time that she was going to have to get out.  Now that she had met someone, the time had come. She would tell him tonight after supper.  Her bags were already packed and in the trunk of her car.  Supper was cooked and on the table.  They would eat, she would get through it somehow. Then she would tell him and she would be free.

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