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120 speed cameras are now up and running near Chicago parks and schools. Their purpose, the city says, is to keep children safe.  But are they in the places where they really need to be?
The cameras’ location is based, in large part, on the number of accidents in the so-called Child Safety Zones. But when WGN News tried to get specific numbers to clarify, we were met with roadblocks. No surprise from critics who have always said speed cameras are for money not safety.

The city’s Dept of Transportation says the locations were based on traffic accident reports collected from IDOT.  At the intersection of Western and Addison on the North Side, for example, there were 455 vehicle crashes  between 2009-2011 with 101 involving children. But what it doesn’t show is whether those children were in the cars or pedestrians.A closer look by ChicagoCrashes.org shows the number of bike and pedestrian crashes at that corner is relatively small: 26 between 2005-and -2012.

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