Thunderbirds Tracy Island Review

Trevor Hughes, Andrew Adams and I set out from the Swan and Sugar Loaf in Croydon at 09:00 for the hilly route out to Woldingham. I timed it well allowing an hour for this section of the ride which includes a few short lung-busting climbs as we arrived at Woldingham Station at 10:00 on the dot to meet up with Paul White, Mick Ayliffe, Dave Elliot and Paul Martin. After the usual exchange of insults we set about the ride proper. Mick Ayliffe, despite me showing him the route on his 1947 OS map, so that he could cut bits out not suitable for his electric bike, immediately missed the first turn and had to be called back.

Up past Marden Park cottages with the pigs trotting up in their enclosure to cheer us on our way as we made our way to the convent on a beautiful morning. Descending to “Tracy Island” Paul stopped for the first time of many on this ride to make sure that his bike was not falling apart.

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