Rainmachine Sprinkler Controller Customer Review

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You love Grumpy. You love Charleston. What better way to spend a weekend than by meeting and gardening with the Grump in Charleston? Be still your fluttering heart, it’s true! As part of Southern Living‘s 50th Anniversary Celebration, its editors (including me) will descend on the Holy City June 10-12 to host exciting events involving gardening, shopping, entertaining, homes tours, […]

You’ve done the right thing. You’ve cut down that stinking Bradford pear. But you didn’t remove the stump and roots. So now a million suckers are sprouting from the spot. Lord-a-mighty, what’s a homeowner to do? Let Grumpy explain. When you cut down trees, some grow back and others don’t. Needle-leaf conifers, such as pines and spruces, almost never grow […]

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