Music Centre Melaka Music Centre Melaka

Situated on the east coast of Thailand 2-3 hrs from Bangkok and currently home to the 87 year old King and Queen of Thailand. The hot weather is still with us, temperatures are in the mid thirties, with high levels of humidity. Sightseeing,  walking around town and the beach are all done post 3.30pm, when the town comes to life. Mornings and lunchtimes usually involve air conditioning, invariably in a mall. Five days in, we have just moved out of a lovely guesthouse called Ansu on Poonsuk St. (£32/night) and into a rather luxurious hotel, 2 big bedrooms and a swimmining pool (£56/night) at the south end of Hua hin. All good value, especially when coming towards the end of our 8 month trip.

Amy and Flo are in the swimming pool, Leila and Fintan on Minecraft, and me writing this.

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Original Youtube video here: Music Centre Melaka Music Centre Melaka