How To Contract For A Wedding Photographer

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By now you probably know how much I love WordPress (it’s the only cms I use) so today I thought I’d put together some inspirational examples of wedding photographer websites powered by WordPress.

In doing the research for this list I was surprised by how many wedding photographers are still using static HTML (why?) and (gads!) even Flash!  Why on Earth anyone would still be using Flash in 2014 is a mystery to me.  I mean, if you want to show up on search engines then you really should steer clear of embedding all your content into a single Flash file that search engines still have a problem indexing.  And using static HTML, although way better than Flash really removes the ease of being able to update which WordPress provides.  The easier your site to update the more likely you’ll be to update it.  So for that reason I choose WordPress over HTML any day.  In my opinion it’s really the best out there.

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Original Youtube video here: How To Contract For A Wedding Photographer