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Perfect Gift Tips For Photographers

tedgiftguideBuying gifts? It is HARD. Especially when so many gift guides offer up ideas for what to get your dad, co-worker or sister without taking into account what actually interests those specific people in your life. A better way to locate the perfect gift? Think about what captures a person’s curiosity, and then seek ideas from people in that field. To get you started, we asked 10 members of the TED community — in a wide variety of fields — to share what they’d love to unwrap this season. Below, their gift-giving recommendations.

Landscape Photography Tips For Starters

From an early age, I have had an intense passion for nature and the great outdoors and landscape photography. Originating from New Zealand, I quickly developed a love and appreciation of the rich colours in this fantastic world we live in. I am completely self-taught and have spent countless hours exploring South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Tasmania in the search for the most striking, most beautiful panoramic landscape photography images.

Eyelash Thickeners Idol Lash

Eyelash enhancement has undergone many chances over the years. for the longest time women made use of cosmetics to darken their eyelids and brows. Mascara was a later invention while false lashes were inspired by moviemakers. Eyelash enhancement hit a high note during the last decade when eyelash extensions became all the rage. Unfortunately, this trend was not only expensive for most women to maintain, but also risky. The chemicals used in the glues, the sharp instruments utilized in the procedures and the heaviness of extensions on the natural lash meant that many women wound up with infections, pulled out lashes and a mess on their hands.