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Repacking 2-stroke Muffler

Compression  StrokeI love simplicity. And a 2-stroke engine is that. It’s lighter and more powerful than its equivalent 4-stroke engine. Alas, it’s also not as efficient, not as reliable, and pollutes more than the 4-stroke. Hence, nowadays it’s rare in the world of road bikes.

Honda Silencer Pack

None of us are free unless all of us are – and nothing is more important than liberty

Honda Shock

HONDA SHADOW ONLY: 15258 MILES New Tires New Brakes Front & Rear New Clutch New Fork Seals New Battery 5 Spoke Cast Wheels Air Adjustable Front Forks Adjustable Rear Shocks Full Inspection Fresh Service Great Starter Bike! VIN-201446 Stock # … Continue reading

Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor Overview

What can you do with an air compressor? Well, there are so many things that you can do with it. You can use it to power up your car or inflate the swimming pool toy of your kids, use it for nailing (more on that here) or for impact wrenches. Whatever reason you’re getting an air compressor, it’s essential that you choose a portable model that’s built to last.

Mobile Dent Wizard Orlando Florida

Minor dings and dents can be a real eye-sore to a vehicle owner- or potential buyer- but the cost of conventional repair may be more than most are willing to spend for something so small and many choose to just “live with it”.  There is another option. Paint-less Dent Repair, or P.D.R., is the process in which specialized tools are used to access the backside of the damaged panel and, very carefully, push the dent to an even plane. The cost of this procedure, if applicable, is much less than conventional repair and is an appealing and cost effective way of restoring your vehicles’ value and appearance. Prices vary so call or stop by for a P.D.R. estimate today!

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