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Groove Animator Demo

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TubeSift Demo

This is the world we live in. Nice place. Plenty of beaches, lots people busy working, learning, playing meet nap, going to the cinema, otherwise getting on with life. Today 2.4 billion of these people are using the Internet, for just about everything you could match. And the numbers are growing every day; more than two-thirds that number search the internet for information about a product or service. Before making a decision to buy. Search engines give priority to websites that feature videos, 70% of the top search listings contain at least one video. And this is expected to be the standard by the year 2014. Since the moment this video started 40 hours of new video were uploaded to YouTube. And more than 1.8 million other videos besides this one watched by everybody else. Which is part of the reason why 2009.

Tube Amplify Demo

Let’s cut to the chase, WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) in the world. WordPress is not just for bloggers and hobbyists. The platform has a reputable track record as a powerful framework to design just about any kind of website imaginable. From blogs to ecommerce the possibilities are endless. Nasa, Harvard, Forbes and LinkedIn use WordPress to power their websites, and each of these receive thousands of hits a day.   

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