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Video SEO: Linkwheel Every Video You Ever Upload To Youtube

This is an advanced video search engine optimization as its commonly known VSEO. If you want to have an advantage over your competitors without them ever knowing thenĀ  create automated linkwheels for every video you ever upload to YouTube. This method is very easy to do and there is even a YouTube SEO software that isĀ  created that can be purchased that does all the hard work for building recipes using IFTTT in a sequence that creates linkwheels using sites like blogger, tumblr, wordpress and more and it is all done for you! Video search engine optimization will get more sophisticated as more SEO agencies, affiliate marketers, local offline seo services etc. are starting doing more with video as its easier to rank videos since its less effort than traditional search engine optimization and as of right now there is still very limited competition for some majorly profitable and high traffic keywords!

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