A Great Way To Use The Excel Vlookup Function


Alright, here is how to do a V-Lookup.  So I have my set of information here, I have my “animals” and I have “food” and I also have their “weights.”  Say I want to look up “bird” for example.  I have another source here, I’m going to do a vertical lookup.  I am going to click on my insert function, look up my V-Lookup, find my V-Lookup and double click on it.  These are the functions that I need to put in.  So I am going to select my lookup value to be “bird.”  That’s what I want to find.  Next is my array.  Now I start with my left most column which is where the lookup is going to look for it and then the other columns where the data is.  So I highlight all three columns.  My column index says, “Which column do you want me to return?”  In this case I want it to return the second column, I want it to return food items.  So I am going to click “2” and the range look up will be zero, false.  Hit “okay” and it finds “bird” and returns the second column.  Now if I change this to “tiger” the formula still works.  It finds tiger and returns that second column, which is food.  I will show you how this works, instead of the second column, say I want it to be the third column.  Now it’s going to return 75.

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