Weight Loss Tips Overview

With our favourite summer season just around the corner, many of us look for fast, easy ways to lose pounds. Losing weight is always challenging, taking too much time, efforts and unfortunately, even money. However, there are different natural, affordable and practical ways to slim down relatively quickly. Last week, Dr. Oz shared his tips for a natural summer weight loss on his popular TV show.

Is there one food that all kids love? And one that appeals to every adult, as well? No, it’s not cake, it’s pizza! It may the perfect occasional dinner on a family movie night, but it’s actually very detrimental to children’s health. Experts say pizza is enemy number 1 for your kids’ health and weight.

Many people have decided to lose weight in the new year and are currently looking for commercial diets and supplements to try. And while they are looking for products that will ease and boost the effect of diets and exercise, the weight loss industry takes advantage and advertises all kinds of weird things as beneficial. To avoid being misled and scammed, see the five biggest lies of the weight loss industry.

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