Vitiligo Diagnosis Biopsy

A Step by Step Guide On How To Heal

The reality of Vitiligo is it is not fully understood so the diagnosis and prognosis you get from your doctor is not final. Your condition can spread slowly or at a quicker pace or not spread at all, it can also go into remission with pigmentation returning without ever leaving any signs you ever had Vitiligo. Generally the progression is slow but this is a generalization that can be wrong. Categorizing the disease into different types gives doctors some parameters to more accurately diagnose your Vitiligo and recommend treatment based on these parameters.

Segmental Vitiligo is also known as unilateral or localized Vitiligo and may only appear in one part or area of your body. This form of Vitiligo is not as common as non-segmental Vitiligo appearing in younger patients and with only one in ten conditions being diagnosed as segmental.

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