In Need Of Prolotherapy

This is an update so if you haven’t already read my previous posts, please start there at my blog.  Just to recap, in August I had PRP and Prolotherapy done in the SI, pelvis, PS, sacrum, arch of my foot and used it to straighten my misaligned pelvis.  In the end, I was very pleased with the results.  On visit 2, I did not feel I had the funds for another round of PRP and decided to just do the Prolotherapy.  Dr. Greenberg felt that I healed very well from my first visit. My pelvis was still aligned, my arch had held and he felt that I had less tenderness in my pelvis.  I told him I still had significant pain in my low back and he felt it could be from scar tissue and that this might not be fixed with treatment.  He did try injecting procaine directly into the scar tissue.  Later I read up on this and it is referred to as neural therapy.  He also retreated my pelvis, PS, SI area, sacrum, low back, and ankle with prolotherapy.  After treatment, I was in more pain than my first treatment but I attribute that to the scar tissue injections as that was the source of the pain.  I do not feel these injections helped and it took a while for the pain to subside from those injections.  I did not get any relief in my ankle and was disappointed that he only seemed to put one injection in it as I was expecting multiple injections as that is the norm with prolotherapy.  I am not sure if I got any relief from the other prolotherapy shots or not but after spending another $1500 on that trip in addition to $2500 on my first trip, I am re-evaluating my strategy.  He did introduce me to an alpha-stim.  This is a CES device that relaxes you and can reduce depression, anxiety, pain, ADHD, migraines, and more.  I really liked my 2 experiences with it as his office and have ordered one to try at home and am optimistic about what results I might have for me and for my child with ADHD and tourettes.  I am also considering getting a second opinion from another prolotherapy doctor who I am told charges significantly less.  I will keep everyone updated.

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