Anti Aging Skin Care Routine

Hi people. Hope you had a great weekend? I want to tell you what I found out by chance. If you have been following my posts regularly, you might remember when I was complaining that I had seen a fine line on my forehead. I did some research and found out anti-ageing ingredients to look for. When it comes to hair care, I am all about reading ingredients so icanow, I have extended it to my skin care products too. Anyways, I started using Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum (whichRead More

Hi people!! A few posts ago, I talked about vitamin c being an important ingredient for anti-aging skincare. I will be doing more posts on ingredients and anti-ageing skincare tips so watch out for these. We will all age but it will be nice if it can be slowed a little!  A lovely blog reader asked me to recommend an effective vitamin c cream. I asked around and did some online research and the three that I have come up with for now are: Cue Skin Care Vita-C serum, ObagiRead More

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Video here: Anti Aging Skin Care Routine