15 Things You Say To A Curvy Girl

Will you please tell me and my CurveInspire readers your name, city you work in, and facebook or web link?

My name is Ruby Moon, I work in and around the Orlando and Central Florida areas. My Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/RubyMoonpinup
How long have you been a pinup/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?

I’ve just been doing the pin up modeling for about a year now. But I have always loved the fashion and look of it. What got me into it was, in October 2011, I left my ex who was mentally abusive to me and while we were together he would call me fat and other hurtful names. I finally got the nerve to leave. Then New Years came around and I started to feel much better about myself. I made it my New Year’s resolution to look into Plus Size modeling. I was talking it over with a friend of mine and they suggested because I have a little bit of an edgy look, “what about Pin Up modeling?” I thought that was an amazing idea as I have always loved the look, and I can still be classy, sexy and a BBW. That’s why I love Pin Up so much. There are so many genres of it, and I can still be me!
How did having curves affect you growing up?

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Video here: 15 Things You Say To A Curvy Girl